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Dying of old age at 27. Crying in terror when it starts to thunder. And these are all the things our ancestors did. Since I found my new mind and body, things have really changed for me.


Gethsemanee Starhawk Moonwaker is a mythical character and a witch in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Gethsemanee was the first witch introduced in the Grand Theft Auto series, despite the fact that she physically never appeared in the game. Gethsemanee is interviewed by Amy Sheckenhausen on K-Chat to express her beliefs and introduce her coven on the radio. She is a member of the Coven Witches and is voiced by Lynn Lipton.


Gethsemanee Starhawk Moonwaker isn’t the original name of the character and according to her, it was given by her coven, specifically the middle and last name. Her name was derived from ancient witchcraft. She is a devout member of the witches coven led by Phil the Witch. It's also revealed that she works at a rock and beads store in the city. During the interview, she tries to mention witches from a social perspective. She still hints that witches are misunderstood for their practices, which include weeping when it thunders or the inability to find a male spouse, working with wands, and using raw stones to scratch their skin. She also mentions that witches die at the tender age of 27 and that she had a certain liking for the Zen Garden. She’s also a follower of the ancient Greek mythical figure Medusa. Gethsemanee is also the author of the book I'm Lovin' the Coven. It is possible that Gethsemanee, along with Phil, sent followers to form a Circle of Death in Viceport Docks.