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George Romero is a myth and an Easter egg in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


George Romero is the director of Night of the Living Dead, 1968, Dawn of the Dead, 1978, Day of the Dead, 1985, and scripted a remake of Night of the Living Dead, 1990, that inspired a huge amount of Easter eggs and myths in the game, such as the likes of Funeraria Romero, Romero Riddle, Human Organs, Riverside Pavillion, Stygian Houses, Brawn of the Dead, Spitz, Spitz Zombie Series and many more. Keeping in view this popularity, myth hunters have theorized about the existence of George Romero.

According to a small group of myth hunters, the Romero ancestor, or owner, is in fact the in-game George Romero. However, it could also be a deleted character that was supposed to be in the game. The rumored locations include Little Haiti and Prawn Island. However, due to the fact that he doesn't physically exist in the game, it drops a bombshell on myth hunters.