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This page contains nominations for, and past Users of the Month. The GTA Myths Wiki would not be the best source for myths and easter eggs in GTA on the web without its users. This page recognizes the wiki's users for outstanding editing and contributions to the GTA Myths Wiki.

Voting and Nominating Process

Users are put up for nomination by the wiki's Bureaucrats and Administrators each month. This ensures that everyone gets fair treatment and that users don't nominate themselves and then vote for themselves. Everyone who contributes to the GTA Myths Wiki is allowed to vote for one user only. If a user is nominated, they can not vote for themselves. Voting lasts the entire month and generally gets closed sometime during the last week. There is no limit on how many times a user can be User of the Month or nominated for it. After a user becomes User of the Month, they remain so until next month. Remember, vote for who you think made an amazing contribution to the Wiki, rather than voting based off of number of edits/badges.

Current User of the Month

Nominations for User of the Month

Past Users of the Month

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