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This page lists the admins and patrollers on the GTA Myths Wiki. If you need help with anything or wish to report vandalism on the wiki, you can contact any of them. If you would like to be an admin or patroller, make a request here. Staff members will be set to inactive if they are inactive for 2 months.

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Bureaucrats are the most elite members on the Wiki. They have all the abilities of all other staff members combined, they can promote and demote users.

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Administrators (admins) have the same abilities of a patroller, as well as the ability to block users. They can also ban users from the chat and have more editing capabilities, such as changing the Wiki's theme or accessing internal files on the wiki.

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Rollback (called Patrollers) can revert disruptive edits, monitor and ban users from the Wiki's chat and can remove forum posts. If a patroller spots vandalism, they report it to an admin. A Patroller also has Chat and Discussion Moderator abilities.

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Inactive Staff

Inactive staff are staff members who have been too inactive to perform their job properly. When they are left in this category, they will automatically be demoted to patroller and will remain here until they return from their inactivity, or until they are demoted. 

Former Staff

The first four users were demoted due to the Community Cleansing.

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