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Protected Wiki Heritage ("PWH") refers to choice articles and Wiki files that are of historical value and are considered iconic. Such articles are protected from having their myth existence status changed and are semi-protected from editing.

What constitutes Protected Wiki Heritage?

Well established myths that are well known and have a large following are generally what merits protection. Also internal Wiki files that have helped shape the Wiki will be considered. The preservation of important myths is critical for the Wiki's survival and for the next generation of myth hunters.


The process on nominating a myth for protection is simple.

  • Any user may leave a request at the Community Noticeboard nominating the myth they would like protected.
  • A Bureaucrat only vote will commence.
  • Any user may leave a comment but the community is barred from voting.
  • If the request is successful the myth/file will be added to this page's subsection listing all protected pages and the new protected page will have the custom PWH banner added at the top of it's page.
  • If a request fails the myth/file in question will not be reconsidered until six (6) months have passed.

List of Protected Wiki Heritage

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