GTA Myths Wiki

Pointsgaming is the act of a user repeatedly editing a page to gain achievement points on the wiki's leaderboard.  A Pointsgamer may also add useless categories or information to a page for the same reason of gaining points. Sherlocking is closely related to Pointsgaming.

Pointsgaming is HIGHLY frowned upon on the GTA Myths Wiki and will only gain you a bad reputation, along with a block.

  1. A first offense will result in a warning that explains how Pointsgaming is against the wiki's Policy.
  2. A second offense will result in a 1 to 3 day block depending on how much damage the Pointsgamer inflicted on the wiki.
  3. A third offense will result in a 1 week to 1 month block.
  4. Further Pointsgaming will result in 1 month long blocks, and eventually, a ban as the user will be considered a Troll.