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In addition to English, the GTA Myths Wiki is hosted in other languages. This page details the process of creating a new variant of the wiki, and contains a list of already existing wikis.


Each version of the Wiki is independent and not moderated by the English GTA Myths Wiki staff or subject to its policies. You may encounter different editing rules and article formats on these sites.

How to create a foreign language wiki

If you are interested in creating your own translation of the wiki, we recommend following these instructions. If done properly, this enables the use of Interwiki links and means that the new articles can be listed correctly on both wikis.

Step 1: Go to the wiki creation page. If you are on desktop, look at the top content bar on the website and look for a drop-down menu called "Wikis". This has a button called Create A Wiki.
Step 2: When you are on the Create A Wiki page, there are three fields to fill out. The third field is what you should fill out first: to define what Language the new wiki is. This adds a language code to the end of the link.
Step 3: Next, move onto the second form. This is the wiki's url. You should enter this as gta-myths, the same as the English variant. This ensures that the language code works when using interwiki links.
Step 4: You can finally fill out the first field, which is simply the name of the wiki. You can keep it either as "GTA Myths Wiki" or translate it into your language. Remember to double check to make sure your URL has not changed.
Step 5: Complete the rest of the wiki creation process, which will be guided by the site itself.
Step 6: Contact a member of the Staff on this wiki so that the new wiki can be added.

List of foreign language wikis

From oldest to newest.

Home Page Link
Article Count
Polish N/A GTA Mity Wiki 38
Italian N/A GTA Miti Wiki 2
Turkish N/A GTA Mitleri Wikia 6
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