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The GTA Myths Wiki Hall of Fame recognizes the most accomplished users in the Wikis' history. Users that have made substantial contributions that have contributed to the Wikis' success as the main source on the web for GTA Myths. Users being inducted into the Hall of Fame is a rare occurrence and is reserved for only the most elite editors who have played a major role in making the GTA Myths Wiki what it is today. As users inevitably fall into inactivity and leave the wiki, this page will be a tribute to those editors who's collaborations and efforts to make myths a more mainstream topic in the GTA series.

Procedure and Qualification

  • The process of being inducted into the Hall of Fame involves a sitting Bureaucrat to petition for a user to be inducted. A Bureaucrat only vote will commence to determine if the selected user is to be inducted. The vote will take place on the Community Noticeboard where other users may leave a comment but are barred from voting.
  • Content in the Hall of Fame, such as the inductees biography, is only to be edited by Bureaucrats.
  • Solicitation to a Bureaucrat in hopes of getting into the Hall of Fame is forbidden and will hurt your chances of ever being inducted.




Father of the wiki
October 27, 2015
Sasquatch101 is the founder of the GTA Myths Wiki. After creating the wiki November 28, 2012 Sasquatch has built the wiki to what it is today with his great leadership, myth knowledge, and excellent myth hunting skills. Sasquatch has created more articles than any user to date totaling over 170 pages. An accomplished myth hunter, Sasquatch has encountered many GTA myths, including the legendary Bigfoot on two separate occasions in 2011. Sasquatch has been interviewed about those two encounters by New Yorker Magazine in 2013 (under the name Rob Silver), describing it as an "out of body experience". Sasquatch is known for his wise and relaxed personality; keeping calm even in the most turbulent of times. However, he lives by the Policy, and will not tolerate any user who doesn't. Any user can comfortably go to him if they need help, or if they have to settle a dispute; easily giving him the title "Father of the Wiki". This legendary user is a great role model for any aspiring myth hunter, and arguably one of the best GTA myth hunters of all time.


The Enforcer
November 4, 2015
Boomer8 is a senior editor on the GTA Myths Wiki. He joined February 3, 2013 and from then on has discovered many myths such as The Swamp Monster, Goatman and many more in addition to upholding the values and standards of GTA Myths Wiki. Boomer began as a simple editor who loves myths, then moved up the ranks to Patroller, Administrator and eventually Bureaucrat. Boomer holds himself to a high standard and expects nothing less from other users. He is known for having a zero tolerance approach when it comes to disruptive editing and vandalism thus making him the wiki's "enforcer" of the policy. All Wiki staff uphold the Policy however, Boomer has shown tremendous fortitude in not "caving in" when vandals were rampant across the wiki at one time. Boomer's loyalty to the Wiki and his fellow staff have added to his already legendary reputation. Boomer has since retired from being a full-time myth hunter and relinquished his bureaucrat position on September 6, 2019.



The Informant
November 7, 2015
LS11sVaultBoy is one of the most accomplished users in GTA Myths Wiki history. He joined December 28, 2012 just one month after the GTA Myths Wiki was created. VaultBoy is credited with creating the Wiki's badge system which rewards users who edit the wiki with points, images and themes tailored to GTA Myths. VaultBoy is currently the fourth highest ranking user on the Wiki's leaderboards with over 6,000 points and third in edits on the Wiki totaling over 7,000. He was also the first user to reach this amount. When the Wiki was under attack from rouge staff members conspiring to take over, VaultBoy took action and informed Sasquatch, and what was left of the shaken community, of the corruption and back door deals happening off-site. Through VaultBoy's incriminating evidence he offered up, the Wiki was able to terminate the individuals involved which brought the Wiki back to a period of peace and prosperity. VaultBoy served as Administrator for over two years before reaching Bureaucrat on December 28, 2015, the 3rd anniversary of him being a user here, before he resigned on October 8, 2016. VaultBoy's commitment to the Wiki, and his outstanding contributions have made the GTA Myths Wiki what it is today.

Ali Rocky


The Specialist
April 2, 2016
Ali Rocky is one of the most prolific users in the history of the GTA Myths Wiki. He joined July 23, 2013 and from then on has amassed more edits than any user on the Wiki to date, totaling over 10,000 before he resigned. Even after his departure, Ali still holds an impressive record on the Wikis’ leaderboard with over 9,000 points. Perhaps most impressive is the sheer number of myths Ali has found and chronicled, specifically in Vice City games. Ali has created over 140 articles; most of them relating to GTA Vice City. When Ali first came on the scene the Wiki practically had a nonexistent category for Vice City myths. Ali considered Vice City his specialty when it came to myth hunting, and had been investigating Vice City myths since 2003, thus making him the Wikis’ Vice City Specialist. Ali served as a Patroller for less than a month in January 2014 before resigning after harassment from the conspirators in the community for denouncing them. After a hiatus, Ali returned and reclaimed his position as Patroller in July 2015. He then was promoted to Admin December 2015 until he resigned August 21, 2016. Ali’s commitment and loyalty to the GTA Myths Wiki has never stopped, as he continually strived for excellence.



The Professional
July 30, 2016
MythHunter2013 is one of the most impactful myth hunters to date, with his theories and myth hunting knowledge, he was able to gain recognition early on as a Professional myth hunter. He joined the wiki July 7, 2013 and was one of a handful of editors actively editing the GTA Myths Wiki. He brought two of the most debated myths, Ratman and Darkel, to new heights of popularity with extensive analysis and video production. His discovery of the Killer Cowboy, is one of the most popular in San Andreas myths. MythHunter2013 then rose up to Patroller, eventually being promoted to an Administrator and served as one of the longest running admin in the history of GTA Myths Wiki. He then launched his YouTube channel, which no doubt assisted the wiki to gain a colossal amount of new users and shed light on the most perplexing myths in the game. MythHunter2013, has since faded away from the wiki to pursue other interests but his name is not forgotten, and the myths he brought out of obscurity live on as a testament to his commitment to myth hunting.



The Conservator
June 14, 2019
Mantiix is one of the most valuable administrators the wiki has had. Since joining the wiki August 11, 2015 he has been a tremendous supporter of preserving the sanctity of myths and the myth hunting experience by continuously defending myth existence status which is the cornerstone of the wiki; thus making him the wikis' Conservator. The greatest threat to myths and the wiki is the destruction of the content thousands of editors have built on for many years. Mantiix exemplifies the restraint and character needed in an administrator to oversee, and in essence, be the caretaker of the wiki and it's content. Most importantly, Mantiix makes decisions based in the belief that every myth should have a benefit of the doubt when it comes to existence labeling and never to rush the process. After all Bigfoot is still considered possible all these years later (as is the Grove Street Elegy). Mantiix has been a major source of new myth research and has contributed tirelessly to the wiki creating many new insightful myth articles. After ascending to the position of Bureaucrat he has not slowed down, and continues to maintain the strength of the wiki to this day.



The Provocateur
August 18, 2020
Gunshow20 is perhaps one of the most hardworking and controversial editors on the GTA Myths Wiki. Gunshow2 is one of the original editors of the wiki, having joined January 28, 2013. He is the creator of the wiki's custom logo, headers and various other formatting found throughout the wiki. In late 2014 he was the the ringleader of a conspiracy to overthrow the wiki by a small clique of ambitious dishonorable editors with aspirations of power and spreading oppression. He was apprehended along with the other conspirators in the event known as the Community Cleansing which resulted in his banishment. After a year and a half of being banned, he resurfaced and apologized for his actions. He rejoined February 10, 2016 as Gunshow20. Since his reinstatement, he has off and on held the staff positions of Patroller and Administrator (of which he currently is). He is a very passionate myth hunter and often provokes debate on anything from myths existence and status, to the political structure and Policy of the wiki. Though he describes himself as a myth skeptic, at heart he wants to believe something is out there. His specialty is mainly in San Andreas based myths of which he has found many and built off existing base knowledge. His work on the Mr. Trenchcoat myth brought it to new heights and sparked renewed interest in Bone County. He is the top editor on the wiki's leaderboards with over 10,000 points and one of the top editors with the most edits. Gunshow's complex history and unwavering passion for myths makes him not your ordinary myth hunter. With years of expertise in the field, Gunshow is one of the most storied myth hunters in history.