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The Community Noticeboard (or CNB) is a public space where GTA Myths Wiki users can discuss and cast votes for changes to the wiki and its articles, as well as resolve editing disputes, report wiki rule breaking, and file complaints regarding GTA Myths Wiki staff. Talk page rules apply here.

Voting Requirements[]

  • Anyone can start a topic for a community vote.
  • Every User with at least 100 contributions to the wiki can cast a vote, except for certain topics described on the Bureaucrat Only Decisions page.
  • Never condemn another user's vote when discussing in a vote's Comment section.
  • Voting usually lasts 3 to 5 days.

Active Requests[]

New Nominations for Protected Wiki Heritage[]

Just a warning, this is a big one. I will also be nominating even more aticles later. _CISDidNothingWrong


- Woods Creature: It has long plagued the GTA Myth Hunting community since the game's released in 2004, with many notable hunters conducting investigations into the cryptid.

- Jolene's Ghost: Perhaps the most well-known myth in not just GTA V but the GTA community in general.

- Abandoned Mine Shaft: A famous myth location in GTA V that is actually different across console generations. Long have hunters explored the dark halls and corridors of the mine shaft.

- Derelict Motel: Home to many different myths such as clowns, ghosts, and even dinosaurs. The motel is popular amongst hunters active in the desert region of the game.

- Yellow Jack Inn: Gained notoriety in 2017 after YouTuber Marko Pegan made a video explaining the possibility of Niko Bellic owning the bar before being murdered by Trevor. The video spread like wildfire and quickly gained traction among newer myth hunters (for some reason.)

- UFOs: The UFOs are also a very well-known myth amongst the myth hunting community, and probably hold the title for second most popular V myth.

- Epsilon Program: it is one of the most iconic V side missions and is connected to various other myths.

- Mount Chiliad Mystery: By far the largest myth in GTA history. I really cannot explain a little bit without it not not making sense, so watch this video instead;

- Infinity Killer/Murders: Same reason as Jolene and the UFOs, a very popular myth amongst the GTA V myth hunting community.

- Fort Zancudo: Known for long being explored by myth hunters in attempts to find supposed secret alien lifeforms/UFOs there.

- FIB: Large role in both GTA V and GTA Online, and has been connected to various myths and conspiracies in the games.

Inactive Requests[]