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Bureaucrat Only Decisions - When the Wiki is presented with a proposal that conflicts with the GTA Myths Wikis' overall interests; or a proposal that has a vested interest among some users, but not for the benefit of the Wiki at large; a Bureaucrat only vote will commence.


In some circumstances, a user may try and push a proposal through for a community vote that has no real benefit for the Wiki and is just a disguise so that user can gain more power or popularity on the Wiki. This is usually accompanied by an ally of his that pledges the proposal is a win-win for the Wiki, when in reality it is just a way for those users to exploit the Wiki for their own interests.

List of Bureaucrat Decisions

  • Bureaucrats can remove any proposal, promotion/demotion requests at their discretion. Bureaucrats are senior editors of the Wiki. The GTA Myths Wiki trusts their judgment.
  • Only Bureaucrats can introduce new rules and policy to the GTA Myths Wiki. Proposals to add new policies or alter existing rules is voted on by Bureaucrats.
  • Bureaucrats can block or ban any user that is in violation of the rules. In extreme situations, a Bureaucrat can unilaterally demote a user from the staff if found in violation of the Policy. This would happen only if that user was a risk to the Wiki (i.e. vandal).
  • Promotion of Bureaucrats is only voted upon by sitting Bureaucrats.
  • The Wikis' colors and themes are decided by Bureaucrats.
  • The Wikis' Logo is a permanent fixture of the GTA Myths Wiki and is never to be changed. Only a unanimous Bureaucrat vote could change it which is highly discouraged.
  • External sites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, You Tube ect.) that are to be officially endorsed by GTA Myths Wiki must first be approved by Bureaucrats.
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