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The Funeraria Romero Cemetery is a miniature cemetery and a mythical location found in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The Cemetery is situated in Little Haiti, at the rear of Funeraria Romero and Romero Apartments. It is developed on small scale and believed to be in the ownership of Funeraria Romero. It contains four graves. A strange observation can also be found in the Cemetery, as a single grave has been dug up, and is open to the world. A skeleton with a missing arm is buried in the grave. Fans have theorized that the skeleton's missing arm is being sold as meat in the Carnicero Romero. Rumor has it that the skeleton will disappear and then re-appear with the forearm. In the mission Two Bit Hit, the player kills a Haitian drug lord, and players have also claimed that his funeral was supposed to be carried out in this Cemetery. A supposedly haunted house, House No. 252, is also situated right next to the graveyard.

The graveyard doesn't appear in the 1984 setting of GTA Vice City Stories.

Video Investigation

GTA Vice City - Misterio 001 - Funeraria Romero

GTA Vice City - Misterio 001 - Funeraria Romero


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