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For the myth in GTA San Andreas, see Freddy Krueger (GTA SA).

Freddy Krueger is a peculiar but false myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The assault rifle in GTA Vice City is named Kruger, which is a reference to Freddy Krueger's name and a hint from the 1985 film A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge. This reference leads many myth hunters to report their particular encounters of the myth, many of which were fan-fiction movies created on YouTube. Such as the movie that was uploaded by Saul Aaron in 2009.[1] The movie featured Ken Rosenberg dreaming about encountering Freddy Krueger in the Marina Parking Lot. The Freddy's model made by Saul Aaron is in fact, a simple custom-made skin, adding Krueger's skin to Tommy's model. Many sightings about Krueger are faked in a similar way. According to Grand Theft Wiki, Knife After Dark is a reference to both Jason and Freddy Krueger,[2] even though the content and history of the movie are based on solely Jason, the theme might be taken from both slasher movies. Despite minor references and fan-made videos, the myth doesn't feature any technical evidence that can prove its existence, thus making it a false myth.

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