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Frankie Carbone is a mythical character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Frank "Frankie" Carbone is a character in the movie Goodfellas, played by actor Frank Sivero. He is based on Angelo Sepe. Frankie Carbone was found dead in a meat locker in the movie.

A character, as seen in the cutscene of the first mission in Vice City, was stabbed and hung from a meat locker behind Sonny Forelli in Marco's Bistro. Since the character isn't titled in the game, he is named after his inspiration, Frankie Carbone.

Many players still search for the character by accessing the interior and the character is seen in the locker each time, as a symbol of the Forelli Family Barbarity.

Initially, players considered it to be a model of Victor Vance and thought that Sonny Forelli might've eliminated him, but in the very next scene, Lance Vance and Victor Vance are seen along with the Forelli Family. The major cause of this misconception was largely the similarity between Vic and the man in the locker.

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