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Frankenstein is a false myth and an Easter egg in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


The myth is based on the vintage monster, Frankenstein. This particular monster is also rumored to exist in Vice City. Despite the nix evidence, Frankenstein has been referenced in the game. A vintage poster is from the 1971 movie Lady Frankenstein featured at the InterGlobal Studios, and features the original tagline from the movie, "ONLY THE MONSTER SHE MADE COULD SATISFY HER STRANGE DESIRES!". The poster is vandalized with graffiti by the Streetwannabes. The movie was released under the studio's banner, with an unknown release date, probably prior to 1986, possibly 1971.

Players have theorized that the monster can be sighted on rare occasions around Prawn Island. However, besides the Easter egg, the myth lacks any physical evidence of Frankenstein, abandoning it as false.


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