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Frank Tenpenny's Ghost is a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The ghost has been rumored to be seen at Grove Street, where Tenpenny was killed in End of The Line, the final mission of GTA San Andreas.

Tenpenny's Death

Officer Frank Tenpenny died in a very tragic way, falling from a bridge over Grove Street in a firetruck, after a long chase across the eastern side of Los Santos. By this act, it is assumed he killed himself, as he was the one controlling the vehicle.

When he was getting out of the truck, he was begging for help shouting Officer down!. However, there was no actual help, leading the players to believe that Frank was ignored.

After his death, his corpse was profaned by Carl Johnson, as he has slightly pushed it with his leg, showing his disrespect to Tenpenny. Also, he said to the corpse "See you around. Officer.", referring to what Tenpenny has said to Carl in the beginning, "See you around like a donut, Carl". His body was later mutilated and stripped by the homeless.


Players have speculated Tenpenny's ghost may haunt Grove Street as revenge for the way his corpse was treated. There were also several reports of the ghost being seen, but there were no photos of the apparition. As there was no substantial evidence for Tenpenny's ghost, this myth is left as false.

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