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The Fort Carson exploding motorcycle is a strange glitch that occurs in Fort Carson in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


If the player takes a certain path through the Fort Carson movie theatre and then the trailer park, they may encounter an explosion next to a liquor shop. The Driveway Beagle spawns in Fort Carson as well, but it is way too far from the motorcycle to cause it to explode. Strangely, the motorcycle doesn't seem to be damaged if inspected after this event. This glitch was discovered on gtaforums by user BennyGod on March 6th, 2021.

Interestingly, a Molotov Cocktail spawns next to the spot, though this is likely just a coincidence.

Along with the Molotov Cocktail, random vehicle also spawn in the parking lot of the Liquor Store. The vehicles that spawn can range from the Freeway to a Burrito, Landstalker, or both at the same time.


This could be caused by numerous reasons. A spawn-glitch may have occurred during the time the player was approaching the area. If the player is not facing in the direction of a certain area, some objects may spawn in unnoticed far away from the player. What may have happened was a vehicle or two may have spawned clipped into each other, or a car accidentally spawned awkwardly glitched into a wall and spazzed-out, then exploded and fell into Blue Hell; which may explain why no damaged vehicles are present after the ensuing explosion. However, this glitch does seem to be repeatable.