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Fort Carson is a town and a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Fort Carson is located in the southwest Bone County region and is the largest settlement outside of a city in the entire state of San Andreas. The town may have taken its name from the real-life Fort Carson, a United States Military installation located near Colorado Springs, Colorado, as well as Carson City, the real-life capital of Nevada. The town may also be named after American brigadier general and frontiersman Kit Carson, who served in the Mexican-American War and the Civil War. Colonel Henry Bolt is most likely based on Carson.

The Fort obviously has a historical past with buildings on the northern part of the main street reminiscent of the Old West. The town is the home of the only known broadcast station in all of Bone County, HI K69, possibly where Marvin Trill broadcasts his radio show, Area 53. The settlement also possesses its own Sheriff's Department and operational Medical Center, where players will re-spawn if wasted in the vicinity.

The town is also home to the Driveway Beagle glitch, which periodically spawns, but due to its coded placement, the plane often explodes.

Colonel Henry Bolt

According to the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas website, Henry Bolt was the colonel of the 66th Cavalry stationed in Fort Carson who, in 1862, led his unit on an attempted attack on Las Barrancas. Unfortunately, the Colonel and his entire squad fell into a hole before they reached the settlement. The Las Barrancas Mass Grave stands as a tribute to their service and in memory of Bolt's forces. Players debate whether the Las Barrancas Mass Grave refers to the Mass Grave of El Castillo del Diablo.

Cave Monster

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Fort Carson is also rife with rumors of the Cave Monster, a strange bipedal mutant-like creature said to inhabit a nearby underground cave which runs north parallel to the Sherman Reservoir inlet. While the location still proves to be a popular haunt for myth hunters, the monsters themselves were proven to be false and a result of a mod.