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The Forsaken Wharf is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The Forsaken Wharf is an abandoned dock situated in Little Haiti. The navigational structure, straits, and the entire area suggests that the place was used for either the loading of goods or passengers, and the poles hint that ships may have been docked in the region. Strangely, this structure is located at the rear of the Haunted Haitian Drug Factory and near the abandoned Vice City Port Authority building. This has led players to theorize that the structure could've been effectuated by the Vice City Port Authority to smuggle goods inside the part of the city with the smallest police presence, making the shady process much easier, but sometime in the past, the wharf was deserted for unknown reasons. The wharf waters feature inexplicable glows, which are emitted from no source, hinting at paranormal activity. Moreover, the waters are reported for strange shark activity and possibly the Megalodon Shark.