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Flint Range is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Flint Range is a district of Flint County. Much of the district consists of farmland. Carl Johnson's girlfriend, Helena Wankstein, owns the largest farm. A number of vehicles are located in this district. In the northwestern and northeastern farm, Combine Harvesters and Tractors are able to be found, which are used during the day for agricultural work, while they are parked at night in the field.

This peaceful looking range is famous for its famous myths that are located there. Ed Gein, a 1957 grave robber and murderer, who was exhuming corpses from several graves, has many of the possible references in the game, several of them are in Flint Range. A few farmhouses around Flint Range share similarities to Ed Gein's real-life house. Also, four weapons are located in the shed of the house, has a possible relation to the myth. Ghost Cars, a famous myth, also spawn in the Flint Range. A less famous myth, Ghost Traffic Light, a false myth, that is located in the waters around the Flint Rage, that supposedly attacks the player who swims near it. Suicidal Photographers, also the well-known myth, refer to sight-seeing pedestrians who appear to be simply photographing Rodeo, Los Santos from the water edge, just south of the Flint Intersection. After snapping a few pictures the pedestrians proceed to walk immediately forwards and tumble into the water, dying upon impact as all pedestrians do. Additionally, in this small range, players also reported famous myths like Bigfoot and Woods Creature appearing in this location.

Reported Myths


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