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Fisher's Lagoon is one of the most famous myth locations in the game. It is a body of water located in Red County, on the southwest edges of the town of Palomino Creek in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Fisher's Lagoon is the 4th largest non-oceanic water source in San Andreas, being dwarfed by Flint Water, Sherman Reservoir and Sherman Dam. The basin is largely surrounded by tablelands to the northwest and the steep elevations of North Rock to the south.

The lagoon is connected directly to the San Andreas Sound to the north via adjacent Palomino Creek, which the town is named after. Fisher's Lagoon also shares a connection to Flint Water by a narrow unnamed river which winds to the west through Red County under no less than seven bridges.

The basin's waters lap three small beaches to the north, south, and east. Upon the third, the largest of the three, lies the infamous pier and a shack lit nightly by a strange red glow emanating from within. The lagoon is believed to be a polluted area, with barrels of suspected waste lining its northeastern shore, and is thought to be involved in the Water Pollution conspiracy theory.


Fisher's Lagoon boasts a respectable number of reported sightings of phenomena in San Andreas.


Players have long believed that the Lagoon is one of the locations, where Leatherface can be found. Players have reportedly observed Leatherface both in the shack and on the pier, and noted that he is aggressive and is attacking without warning.

The Rusty Wheelchair at the end of the dock is the foundation of many fan-made theories, as it is suspected to be a reference to the horror film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and may be a clue to the existence of Leatherface within the game. However, these assumptions aren't certain, as the wheelchair could also be a reference to the beginning of Rockstar's Manhunt. Strangely, the wheelchair shares its texture with a large trash skip that can be found on the construction site in Bayside. For this reason, "SKIP HIRE" can be seen in various places on the wheelchair.

It is likely Rockstar shared textures between objects during early stages of making the game to speed development and visualize how the objects might look in the final release before giving them their own texture. They most likely forgot to texture the wheelchair, didn't think players would notice, or thought the skip texture did its job well enough.

Another notable piece of evidence myth hunters cite is the cabin on the Eastern Beach, which shares the textures of the small shacks of the Panopticon. Many players have mistaken the red light for blood stains on the floor, but the glow is most likely a simple attempt to simulate some kind of light source.

Loch Ness Monster

Players have reported a very confrontational Loch Ness Monster residing in the Lagoon, attacking players almost immediately upon entering the water. Myth hunters have often claimed to witness a large shadow or silhouette moving through the water and boats in the Lagoon and nearby Palomino Creek and Red County River exploding or sinking without reason. This myth is currently believed to be false with the majority of occurrences believed to be the result of a mod.  

Fisher's Lagoon Creatures

Strange blue-green, bipedal life-forms that players have termed Fisher's Lagoon Creatures, have been reported appearing out of the water, typically in a group of four. This myth is currently believed to be false with the majority of occurrences believed to be the result of a mod.

Jason Vorhees

Jason Voorhees, the primary antagonist of the Friday the 13th movies, is said to be found both in the Shack and on the Pier of the Eastern beach. Players theorize the Lagoon represents his home, Camp Crystal Lake. According to Friday the 13th lore, Jason drowned at the end of a pier, and in one of the movies, was known to have lived in a shack, lending some credibility to the claim.



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