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Fernando Diaz was the original character of Ricardo Diaz, one of the main antagonists in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This character is subject to few obscure facts.


The following information is largely inspired by Grand Theft Wiki

The concept art on Rockstar North's website suggests that the original name for Ricardo Diaz was in fact Fernando Diaz. Tony Montana, from the 1983 film Scarface, may be an influence of Ricardo Diaz' character. The name Ricardo may be a reference to Ricardo Tubbs, a character from the television series Miami Vice.

Diaz's Mansion is similar to Montana's, whilst Diaz wears the exact same clothes as Montana during the infamous chainsaw torture scene from the movie. However, both these resemblances are mere guesses and none of the facts were officially announced by Rockstar and this character is subject to several myths that included a large change in the storyline that could've affected the Vice City Mafia, and if Fernando was based on Tony Montana then his demise might've not taken place in such an easy manner.