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The Federal Investigation Bureau, or FIB, is a federal law enforcement agency in the HD universe of the Grand Theft Auto series and is a parody of the real life Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI. 


The FIB is an agency operating under the Department of Justice that employs military grade tactical weaponry and a vehicle fleet outfitted with cutting-edge technology. FIB agents are well-trained assassins conditioned to carry out a wide range of tasks to an expert level of precision.

The FIB is commonly associated with Aliens, and other highly controversial cover-ups and conspiracy theories throughout the HD Universe. The agency has active domestic surveillance and counter-terrorism operations as demonstrated in GTA V. FIB connections to Humane Labs and Research remains a hot topic. Players theorize the research being conducted by the labs could be receiving funding or scientific support from the FIB, who could be influencing the development of sinister chemical agents or viruses.

Furthermore, restricted military installations such as Fort Zancudo are believed to be under close supervision from the FIB. Players theorize that the sites harbor aliens and/or alien corpses salvaged from UFOs whose wreckage is also thought to be held at the facilities. Highly advanced technology has been confirmed to be in development in at least one of the facilities. Players believe Fort Zancudo may hold similar technological marvels, specifically, the fabled Jetpack of the Mount Chiliad Mystery.


FIB logo on UFO (Beam Me Up).

Several UFOs that can be found in Grand Theft Auto V bear the logo of the FIB. This could be referencing the long-held real-life conspiracy that the governments of the world, particularly the American government, are withholding the truth about extraterrestrial life from the public and may even be cooperating with the aliens. The presence of the logo could also imply the agency is simply developing the highly advanced technology.

The full extent of the FIB's technology remains unknown.


  • The word fib is by definition a lie, hinting at the deception of the public by the agency and possible internal corruption.
    • Also, if one looks at the logo closely, there is a baseball bat, which can further prove the agency's corruption.

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