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The Falling Black Dots are a proven myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The myth has been recognized since the game's release in 2004 and is a proven phenomenon within the game.


This myth is about some small black dots or streaks that fall at a very excessive speed from the sky at night, all around San Andreas. These dots are usually too quick to be seen, and the player can only spot them if they are standing still, looking up at the sky.

Players have claimed that small black dots can be seen falling from the sky around the entire map. Hotspots of sightings have been reported at Mount Chiliad, Area 69, and more frequently in desert areas such as the Verdant Meadows airstrip, El Castillo del Diablo, and other Bone County areas.


Players and myth hunters within the GTA community have debated about the existence of the small black dots within the game. Many players have claimed that the black dots are UFOs, or perhaps the work of extraterrestrials. Other players have said that the falling black dots are Mothman. Many players believe that the black dots are simply graphic glitches or a wrongly spawned rain particle.

In contrast with many other myths in the GTA series, this myth actually has a lot of proof in its favor, which includes many online photos and videos of the falling black dots. Many videos have attempted to debunk the falling black dots as glitches or hoaxes.

Some people say that it will be easier to spot these black dots during stormy weather, but in this case, the dots won't be black. Instead, they will have a gray color. This theory is not so believable because the black dots can be easily confused with raindrops, as they will have the same color.

The best time to see these black dots is at dawn, between 3:00 and 5:00, where their black color will be contrasted against the neutral sky. The Falling Black Dots can be seen better when the game is running on the highest resolution settings and full brightness. To this day, the purpose of these black dots is unknown, but it has been widely accepted that the Falling Black Dots are simply graphical glitches.

This could also possibly be caused by weather cheats. Sometimes, the game glitches and thinks the weather is supposed to change, then realizes the code has been put in, then tries to stop the weather. Usually this is successful, but sometimes the game puts in a particle of rain that is not textured, this is because it did not load properly.


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