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Fairground is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Fairground was previously known by the name of Washington Beach Fairground until the year 1986 when it was demolished for construction purposes. The fairground serves as a mythical location in GTA Vice City as it's nowhere to be seen but players have speculated the remnants to be found in Avery Towers, as the area where the Avery Towers were being contracted was also the region where the fairground existed. Players, that were unaware of the game changes hunted for the fairground until they also came to known about the truth. The original reason for the demolition is not known but it is assumed to be a plot of Avery Carrington, who had the fairground destructed for his real estate property. It's also rumored that Avery did that with his sly tactics. Overall, the existence of the fairground in GTA Vice City remained a pivotal part of myth hunting until the discovery of it's deconstruction.