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The Factory Debris is a glitch linked to a few myths in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The Factory Debris is located underneath the large green skyscraper in Little Haiti. To see it fully, the player must use the "look through walls" glitch with the rocket launcher. The myth is similar to the Vercetti Estate Underground Chamber.

At first glance, the debris appears to be part of an unused interior or LOD file. Upon further examination, it is revealed that the debris is an under detailed version of the Haitian Drug Factory after its destruction. Upon its discovery, it was unknown what the debris could represent. Some theories include that it was an unused LOD model used for viewing the destroyed factory from a distance, but was scrapped for unknown reasons. Another theory suggests that the factory could've been an interior at first, and the debris was moved as the factory became open-air instead.

The debris is subject to a few minor mysteries, which link it to The Dark Alley and the glitch which causes a weird model to spawn at the factory. For some reason, the debris acts as a prop and can still spawn at the drug factory under the right conditions, but it's alignment is incorrect and it appears shifted, causing the blockade at the Dark Alley and the bizarre factory glitch.



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