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Faceless Nurses are a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Faceless Nurses are a type of nurse that appear in the game series Silent Hill. These nurses have been rumored to represent Travis' anxiety and, as evidenced from the name, they lack any facial features. Faceless Nurses are known for their weird twitchy walk, making this their iconic characteristic.

Faceless Nurses have a more feminine voice unlike their counterpart nurses and are equipped with syringes instead of the more commonly used lead pipes. These nurses are categorized as most horror characters of the game after Pyramid Head, who leads the monster world of Silent Hill with his fierce and unbreakable dominion.

These nurses are part of the Silent Hill Exotica modification which enables them to haunt the player in his supposed nightmare. They were rumoured appear in places like Downtown Vice City and Ocean Driveway along with other creatures in the game. Besides the modification, their existence in the game is false.


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