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In Grand Theft Auto V, there is a suspicious group of FIB agents at the satellite dishes in the Grand Senora Desert, everyday from 10 am to 5 pm. The agents stand guard next to two FIB vehicles, while various scientists talk among themselves to the side. The scientists stop talking when the player enters the area.

The scientists will always spawn with long white lab coats and dark pants, while the agents appear near them standing guard with their usual black suits. 

The FIB agents will attack the player if he stays in the area for too long. Also, the agents will engage the player immediately if he attacks either the scientists or the agents themselves, or if the player prompts a conversation with one of them. If the player tries to escape in a vehicle, a wanted level will be given, and the agents will give chase to the player in their vehicles. The agents will always spawn with pistols. The scientists, however, are passive, and will run away from the player, if he attacks them.

The whole scene seems very shady and could be linked to Alien activity going on at Fort Zancudo, since the satellite dish they are gathered at, is pointed in that direction.

Relation to the numbers station[]

It is considered a possibility that the satellite dishes are the origin of the alleged numbers station messages that claimed to be heard late at night, when driving through Blaine County. The communications may be sent between FIB agents, or Aliens.


  • The agents can't be seen in the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of GTA V. However, the scientists are still there.
  • The satellites are a reference to the real life SETI program [1]

The scientists seen in the enhanced version of GTA V.

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