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The FIB Agents at Chianski Passage are a proven myth in Grand Theft Auto V.


Located on Chianski Passage road in Blaine County is a small shed that is outfitted with surveillance equipment, radio antennas, satellite dishes, and security cameras. The purpose of this small shed-like building is unknown. The shed is usually occupied by construction workers, who occasionally are accompanied by a group of FIB agents. The agents are armed and will attack if the player lingers for too long.

Originally, the agents were thought to be IAA agents protecting the nearby Humane Labs and Research, which is located just down the road, but the agents at the shed do not wear the typical IAA uniforms and instead, wear suits, the outfit of choice for FIB agents. It is possible they are secretly spying on the nearby Humane Labs, as the FIB assisted Michael in one of the storyline missions, while he stole a vial of neurotoxin. The FIB could also be conducting a secret operation that remains unknown.

There are some interesting facts, though. The models used for the NPCS are the HighSec model, which adds more to the mystery. This could be related to the FIB Agents at Satellite Dishes, mainly due to the close proximity of both of the sites.


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