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Expansion Pack or GTA Vice City Expansion Pack is a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Post the successful release, GTA Vice City gained a huge following amongst fans and on online forums. The fan following gave rise to several rumors relating to an updated version of the game or an expansion pack; one of such rumors includes a famous post by Soutquarian on Neoseeker in October of 2002.

In the new issue of GI, there is a small article that says an expansion pack may be in the works to make use of the large boring areas of Vice City (the airport, beach, and Army Base to name a few) here's the article: On page 29 of the January issue of Game Informer, in the Loose Talk section, it states: "We all want more Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and that's just what we might get. With so many underutilized areas in Vice City (airport, military base,stadium, etc.), we could be getting an expansion pack. This looks like it could be the start of a beautiful friendship." This isn't 100% confirmed.

–Soulquarian on Neoseeker

Though the claims were at rise, the expansion wasn't released even after GTA San Andreas. This abandoned the myth as false, but years later, on the 10th anniversary of the game, an android version was released, but it was unrelated to the highly speculated expansion pack.