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Eugene is a mentioned mythical character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Eugene is the suspected partner of Leo Teal, an underground Vice City criminal. Leo Teal was involved in the attack on the 1986 Docks Deal. It is unknown if Eugene shot Vic Vance, but according to Vice City police investigators, he was one of the three assassins.

According to police investigators, Eugene is the key to Leo Teal's hideout. However, despite such secret importance, he was never discovered by the police and still remains at large in the city. Since Eugene is known to like beaches, Vice Beach might be a possible location of his hideout.

Eugene owns a restaurant in Thailand that is believed to be the work place of his partner, Leo Teal, as well. It is rumored that Leo Teal, Eugene, and Moweesha worked in the same restaurant.

Eugene's Crime Record

  • Possible way to TEAL.
  • TEAL's other lover.
  • Interior designer and restaurant owner.
  • Likes knives.
  • Likes Thailand.
  • Likes the beach.