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Eris is a myth and a manufacturing company for clothes and apparel, it is possibly related to the Epsilon Program, either by cooperating or that Eris is a subsidiary of the cult. The first letter in the Eris logo is actually a symbol of the 5 fingered hand of Eris, a logo in the Principia Discordia as a symbol of the same-named goddess of chaos. This is a nod to Discordianism, a popular mock-religion popularized by The Illuminatus! Trilogy books.


The planet Eris.

Eris was linked to the Epsilon Program because of both parody real religions. Also, due to the Eris logos being in close proximity to the cult's locations. A further fan theory looked at the "star track" seen in the header of the Epsilon Program website and linked the constellation depicted to line up with the real planet Eris. On the blog Easter Island Coverup, a man named Steven Henderson declares that Marvin Trill the host of the Area 53 website, started the construction of a spaceship to bring 500 cultists to Planet X.

The Leaders of World's superpowers have access to a top-secret translation of this graffiti and 500 people are preparing to escape to Planet X in a special shuttle.

–Steven Henderson

The Eris planet is nicknamed "Planet X" to sound mythological. This Planet X is rumored to be the real-life Eris planet. Furthermore, Marvin talks about the planet possibly being in the Rockstar constellation.[citation needed]


Star Track and the Snake Constellation

In the Epsilon Header for the Epsilon Program website, a strange constellation can be seen, one player managed to link the constellation with the real-life constellation where the mysterious planet is located, which suggests that Rockstar used real constellations for their website.

A snake constellation, made from the UFO map.

Another constellation was found named "The Snake Constellation" that has a star named Epsilon. When the constellation and the map with marked locations in Lil' Probe'Inn are put together, the stars in the constellation and the points on the map correspond with each other. Notice that the Bunker's UFO point is not a part of the constellation. And the Epsilon Star in the Snake Constellation is just nearby the infamous farm.