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The Epsilon Building is a large mansion located in Rockford Hills, Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V.


The building is used as the main headquarters for the Epsilon Program and is also the secondary home of Cris Formage. It cannot be entered by the player.

The mansion is styled similarly to 1930s architecture. It is based on the real-life Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles, California. The building stands several stories high, which is much different from other mansions in Rockford Hills. Workers can be seen maintaining the grass outside, just like other wealthy properties. Around the back, there is a large open patio where Epsilon Program Members can be seen eating and talking.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V[]

During Grand Theft Auto V, Michael De Santa is able to sign up for the Epsilon Program on their official website. After a series of difficult trials, Michael arrives to the Epsilon Building to meet the cult leader Cris Formage in person. Cris gets Michael to deliver $2.1 million to a helicopter and gives him fire support in the form of a convoy. The convoy exits the mansion grounds and heads towards the helipad. Michael can either deliver the cash to the helicopter (after which Jesse thanks him for his services and rewards him with a rusty Tractor,) or break free from the convoy at any time and evade the Epsilon guards to keep the money for himself. However, when the player breaks free from the convoy, the player will be chased by Epsilon members in cars and a helicopter.

The mansion has no interior and its inside is hollow.

Mission appearances[]


  • The mansion is relatively close to the De Santa mansion, being just a few blocks away.
  • An internet article from LS24, which appears after the mission Mr. Richards, makes an invite for people to visit the Epsilon Center, saying that they have more chances to find a celebrity there than any other place. The visitors can also watch an infomercial about the meaning of life. The article says that the Epsilon Center offers payment plans that opens minds and wallets to new experiences.
  • The Epsilon Program theme can be heard playing when anywhere on the property grounds.