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For other 3D Universe renditions, see Epsilon Program (GTA VC) and Epsilon Program (GTA San Andreas).

The Epsilon Program is a cult in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, believed to be funded by the New World Order.


According to the chronological order of Grand Theft Auto, Vice City Stories serves as the introduction of the Epsilon Program. The Epsilon Program was first mentioned on a radio talk show about the New World Order by Dwayne Thorne, who claims to be an Epsilonist. Along with this belief, he's also ultra nationalist and super-fascist in light of following statement

Thanks to my religion, I am a peace loving, God fearing American... and I will kill and maim anyone who says otherwise... OR has another view of the after LIFE. Once you have figured out the meaning of the universe, you can do whatever you like. KIFFLOM!

It could be possible that Epsilon Program is running a secret promotion campaign in Vice City, gathering followers to achieve its purpose in the south. Myth hunters stress on the fact that the New World Order is related to the rise of Epsilon Program in Vice City and could be funding the program and airing its teachings on selected media places. If the claim is somehow true, it could mean that Epsilon Program is supported by powerful political personalities in Vice City.