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For other 3D Universe renditions, see Epsilon Program (GTA San Andreas) and Epsilon Program (GTA VCS).

The Epsilon Program has been a long rumored theory among the players of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


It has been long debated that the Epsilon Program exists in GTA Vice City with the interconnection of various myths and Easter eggs in the game.

The Walton in the game has been said to be driven by the Epsilon Program in the game. Some claim that this Walton is a precursor of the Red Truck in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Moreover, a famous member of the V-Rock Studios, Jezz Torrent, was rehabilitated with the help of the Epsilon Tract and it could be possible that the whereabouts of the tract is also connected to GTA Vice City and Jezz Torrent might know about the truth of the tract along with its location. Ken Rosenberg is also said to be a hidden member of the cult. This rumor began when during an investigation, a myth hunter found baby blue colored books at K. Rosenberg & Co. Myth hunters claim that Ken Rosenberg was introduced to the Epsilon Program by Maccer.

Some skeptics have put forward the theory that Epsilon Program was introduced in GTA San Andreas, which succeeded GTA Vice City, and that it may be impossible for the Epsilon Program to exist in GTA Vice City. However, myth hunters refute this claim by putting forward the evidence of Dwayne Thorne, an Epsilonist in 1984, two years before the events of GTA Vice City in 1986, so it could be feasible that Epsilon Program have been secret about their public advertisement in the city. However, their signs have emerged from numerous evidence from in-game characters and their connection to the program.

Over a decade later, during a detailed investigation on VC-MP, it was found out that during The Darkness of Little Haiti event, the rooftop of Auntie Poulet's Shack had a blue pattern, which could be related to the Epsilon Program, setting up an even bizarre connection between the Epsilon Program and Haitian Voodoo Ritual linked by the Darkness of Little Haiti.