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|title = Elephant
|image = Aafrbab.jpg
|imagecaption = A rampaging elephant in Dukes.
|first = Grand Theft Auto IV
|second = Dukes
|third = DANGEROUS
|fourth = FALSE}}The '''Elephant''', is a little known myth in [[Myths and Legends in GTA IV|GTA IV]]. The idea of an elephant in GTA IV started in late 2009 hovever was quickly dismissed as a hoax or modification. The conditions the elephant is said to apper is when its stampeding down a random street in Dukes. It is thought the myth is triggered after a certain mission or activity in the game, but there is no solid evidence to support this.
[[Category:Myths and Legends in GTA IV]]
[[Category:Myths and Legends in GTA IV]]
[[Category:False Myths]]
[[Category:False Myths]]

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