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Elbee Chemists is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Elbee Chemists is a drug store situated on Prawn Island. These chemists were closed down for unknown reasons. However, over the years this store has been linked to various real-life places, forming a myth about the actual inspiration of the drug store until one such theory that described the store to be similar to the drug store named Ronald's Drugs featured in Michael Jackson's song Billie Jean and that the store may also be a set of another one of his songs, named Thriller. Moreover, the chemists are situated along with many other infamous myth locations, such as the Abandoned Park and the Milligan Hotel. Like many other buildings on Prawn Island, Elbee Chemists' texture is taken from a real-life abandoned building, except that it was originally in Queens, New York, and not Miami.