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El Castillo del Diablo is an Easter egg location and a prominent rock formation in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is located in Bone County, west from Area 69, southwest from Verdant Meadows and north of Regular Tom.


Visible from miles around, the formation consists of mesas, buttes, and a large natural arch. Most of these geographical features, and those found in the rest of Bone County, are likely to be inspired by the real-life Monument Valley.

El Castillo del Diablo sits immediately west of Area 69, and can easily be seen from the Verdant Meadows airstrip, which is northeast of the rock formation, and the small hamlet of Las Payasadas, located further north. It overshadows the tiny ghost town of Las Brujas, the location of two missions in the game, namely, Interdiction and High Noon. The name was most likely derived from the town, as the formation protects the town, similar to how a castle wall would protect a city. The Snake Farm is located within the borders of El Castillo del Diablo to the northeast, close to Verdant Meadows. A mass grave can also be found at the foot of the center-most mesa in the area.

Its name translates literally from Spanish as The Devil's Castle. The small ghost town in that area translates from Spanish as The Witches. These paranormal names have drawn myth hunters to the area since the release of the game.