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For the myth in GTA Vice City, see Eddie Pulaski.

Eddie Pulaski's Ghost is a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Eddie Pulaski was a corrupt member of the Los Santos Police Department's C.R.A.S.H. unit. He, along with the unit's leader Frank Tenpenny, is shown to be willing to make shady deals and commit crimes in order to advance his standing in the department. In the mission Misappropriation, C.R.A.S.H. forces CJ to go to the ghost town of Aldea Malvada and kill a leaker who was planning on turning over a dossier exposing Tenpenny to the FBI. In the next mission, High Noon, CJ meets the officers in Las Brujas to deliver the dossier. During the discussion, Tenpenny attacks Jimmy Hernandez, accusing him of assisting the leaker, and leaves CJ and Pulaski behind to take care of him. After forcing CJ to dig a grave at the ghost town's cemetery, he shoots Hernandez and makes his escape. CJ chases after Pulaski and kills him to complete the mission.

Among myth hunters, the mission was the source of numerous myth rumors. The ghost town was known for paranormal encounters, and these were blamed on Jimmy Hernandez's Ghost after the mission. Another group of myth hunters, however, theorized that the ghost might have been Pulaski's, because of his more immoral behavior. According to sightings, Pulaski's ghost takes the form of a black silhouette that walks around the graveyard at night, disappearing when the player gets close.

There is another variant on the myth, which is more aggressive. The rumors state that a transparent version of Pulaski can be found at the graveyard, who will attack CJ with his service pistol. However, this rumor originated thanks to a modification that added the ghost.

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