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Eddie's is a company in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Eddie's is a used boiler supply company in GTA Vice City, with it's texture left over from GTA III. Near Claude's first safe house in GTA III, a sign promoting Eddie's can be seen, this sign also appears throughout the city. An advertisement for Eddie's is located on the dirt track in North Beach. Besides the advertisement board, Eddie's lack any central office or shop in the city. Players assume that they operate without a shop and through a process of item delivery.

A vague myth is connected to the company, that the company is owned by Eddie Low and he may be operating in Vice City. The myth possess several loopholes including the major gap between the 3D and HD universes, but players still believe that Eddie's is a reference to Eddie Low and the character was in the making since 2002. Moreover, some players have tried dialing the Eddie's given phone number, but received no response. However, they still believe that Eddie Low is lurking around the city, delivering the items. The Quicksand is also located near the sign in North Beach.


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