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The Easton Service Station is a mythical location in the subways of Grand Theft Auto IV.


The Easton Service Station has primarily been associated with Ratman, with many references to the creature nearby. The location is generally considered the most popular place to hunt for the creature.

Ratman's Lair

The service station has a dark small room that isn't occupied by workers. This room is said to be the Ratman's lair by myth hunters. Copious amounts of YouTube videos have described it to be some kind of a lair,[1] but the lack of any evidence leaves this fact in limbo.

The Blood

In the service station, there are drops of orange liquid said to be Ratman's blood. However, it's more likely to be motor oil, since workers would use it in case of an emergency or maintenance of the station.


Several workers have been constantly mistaken for Ratman. The lower level of the service station is mostly dark, and the workers wandering around the area may be mistaken for Ratman at first, giving players an edge to fake their sightings.[2]