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The Easter Island Coverup is a bizarre blog in Grand Theft Auto IV.


The blog's author is named Steven Henderson. The blog discusses the apocalyptic threat that extraterrestrial beings pose. The blogger writes about the history of Aliens on The Easter Island. The Aliens took a shelter in Earth's core and morphed themselves into magma monsters that threatened the inhabitants of the island.

According to Steven, there are a series of scripts which reveal a prophecy of human self-destruction through global warming, a space travel guide and setting up a wireless network. This apocalypse will assist Aliens in taking over the world. Furthermore, it claims that the world leaders possess a secret translation to the graffiti that has been passed down through generations and that 500 people are planning to escape to Planet X in a space shuttle, being built by Marvin Trill. He makes mention of millions of alien babies that are incubating under tectonic plates. Stonehenge, the Bermuda Triangle, Kraff and Crop Circles have also been mentioned on the blog.

Steven Henderson shares relations with Marvin Trill and