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Easter Island is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Easter Island was first mentioned by Steve Henderson in a blog called "Easter Island Coverup", revealing highly confidential information regarding the island. According to Steve Henderson, the land was first found by the Europeans in 1977 and then invaded by Aliens, which are also the ones that created the statues. However, the extraterrestrial beings soon left the earth, leaving millions of Alien babies incubating under the hot tectonic crust of the island to emerge on the day of the Apocalypse. Several references regarding the island can be found in the game, including the Easter Island Motel and several artifacts related to Easter Island's monolithic figures, Moai, in Vice Point. Furthermore, Steve Henderson claims that the Monkey Graffiti was first found on the island. Although, the in-game importance of the island is immense, but the island is yet to be seen in physical form.