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The Driveway Beagle is a famous glitch that can be found in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It consists of a Beagle airplane that spawns in the driveway of a small house in Fort Carson, San Andreas.


On the southernmost block of Fort Carson, there is a Beagle that spawns in the driveway of a house, stuck between a pole and a large palm tree. It is rather strange, because the airplane is obviously too big to fit in the driveway of the house and also does not have a functioning airway nor large enough room to take off from. It almost always spawns with its left wing stuck inside the house. 

The Beagle is very unstable, and even the slightest push by the player can cause the airplane to explode. It almost always spawns with its engine smoking. Sometimes the airplane explodes as soon as it spawns, making an audible explosion sound which might startle the player. On rarer occasions, the plane may spawn on the street in front of the house.

The Driveway Beagle is just a developer oversight. It is likely that a different vehicle, starting with the letter B, was meant to spawn there, but the Beagle was placed there by accident, and the mistake was never noticed by game testers.

Flying the Driveway Beagle

Since the Driveway Beagle is just a normal Beagle, it is possible to enter and fly it. However, due to its very unstable nature, it is usually very difficult to get the airplane out from between the house and the pole without making it explode. Players can try sprinting against the backside of the airplane to push it out to the street. Also, players can use health cheats so the airplane doesn't explode.

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