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Downtown Vice City is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It is located in the northernmost region of Vice City. Downtown is known for introducing early myths in the game and is recognized as a substantial myth location.


Downtown emerged as a classic location for myths and features a handful of well-known Easter eggs. The all famous Easter Egg Room is located in Downtown. Greasy Chopper and Hoarmont Avenue Church, pivotal Easter egg locations, are also situated in the region. The region also features ghostly myths such as the Demonic Body in the Skumole Shack. Wrecked and burned vehicles, apartments, Destructed Wall, V-Rock Studios, and Sunken Reefer can be found in the area. A chain of psychics and rumored magicians, Psychic, are also located in Downtown. The northern sea also served as a location for Sea Monster sightings. The Downtown Light also serves as a small-time attraction and vague myth.

Fudds Gifts, a souvenir shop, can also be found in the area. The shop and the crocodile ornament for sale is a reference to the real-life souvenir shops in Miami that sell crocodile ornaments and hints the bygone myth in Florida, in which souvenir shop sold real dwarf crocodiles to tourists from New York, which later turned out to be Sewer Crocodilians.