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For the glitch in downtown San Fierro, see Downtown Glitch.

Downtown Screams, also known as the Screams from Hell, are a proven myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Along the perimeter of an unnamed skyscraper, north of the Los Santos Tower in Downtown, are multiple benches that can be used by pedestrians. If the player hangs around this area for a long period of time, eventually a large amount of pedestrian screaming will be heard every few seconds. These screams originate from below the ground, and as a result have been perceived as Hellish and demonic by some players.

Unfortunately, the myth is actually a glitch with a simple explanation. Below the ground is an unused set of benches with incorrect coordinates. Pedestrians can still spawn on the benches, but due to a lack of solid ground below they immediately fall into Blue Hell; screaming while doing so.


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