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Domestobots are mythical robots believed to be involved in several conspiracies in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. They are seen in-game in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories but are not believed to be responsible for any myths. They're believed to be first hinted in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City via Manuel, a conspiracy theorist.


The only Domestobot seen in the GTA Series is the one in GTA Vice City Stories. The other times they are known are during radio shows, such as the one hosted by Marvin Trill, Area 53, on WCTR.

During one such show during the airing of Area 53, a caller called Adam First reported seeing a group of Domestobots in the desert while he was in the middle of hang gliding. Later in the show, it is revealed that it was Marvin Trill himself who was witnessed with the Domestobots.

Later on, a caller going by the name "632369439" turns out to apparently be a Domestobot programmed for evil, in a similar way to robots in the movie series Terminator. This Domestobot could, however, be simply using self-defense, as another caller claims he saw another man in the desert performing weird rituals on a group of Domestobots.

Domestobots are also said to have assisted Marvin Trill in creating an underground bunker due to Marvin's belief in a potential Apocalypse. These Domestobots are also prophesied to contribute to the predicted age along with Manuel, a predicted hacker of these robotics machines.