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Dogs have been implemented into Grand Theft Auto V, and play a much larger role in the storyline.


Lamar owns a Rottweiler named Chop, who stays with Franklin and plays a part in several missions. Dogs can be found in various areas around San Andreas including Mirror Park, Sandy Shores, the Simmet Alley Railyard (only during the mission Chop) and Vespucci Beach

Mysterious Labrador Retriever[]

In the game's story mode, Franklin encounters a mysterious Labrador Retriever that happens to appear whenever Dom Beasley is in trouble. His barks can be understood by Franklin in a manner reminiscent of Lassie. He never appears or interacts with the player outside of his two Strangers and Freaks encounters, namely Risk Assessment and Uncalculated Risk. It has been proven that the dog does not belong to Dom, as he expresses his disbelief towards Franklin when he says that a dog led him there. No explanation is given for the dog or its abilities, leading players to form their own conclusions about its nature. Interestingly, the dog's manner of appearing whenever Dom is in danger shares similarities to Mothman sightings.