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Devin Weston's Ghost is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto V.


If the player picks The Third Way for the final mission, Michael, Franklin, and Trevor team up to take out all of their enemies, one of them being Devin Weston, who they send over a cliff in a trunk of a car.

Players have theorized two different methods of the appearance of Devin's ghost. One primary theory is found near the Sonar Collections Dock, where Devin is killed. It is claimed that his apparition will appear during late night hours, shortly before the player is wasted. Another claim states that Devin's apparition will appear around his home in the Tongva Hills, and is associated with props moving on their own and bizarre noises.

On Devin's website, his biography features a line about he "is a ghost". While cited as a reference by believers of the myth, the text still appears even when Weston is alive.


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