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The Devil's Swing is a myth in Grand Theft Auto IV. The myth is one of the most prominent glitches in the game that is believed to be paranormal regardless of major evidence presenting it as a technical fault.


Devil's Swing is a typical swing in a small playground in Broker. Due to its presence, the playground is also known as the Devil's Playground. The base factor regarding its following is a simple glitch, which occurs when the player tries to push the swing. Then the player gets fired back to an immense distance. The push is so intensified that it even wrecks vehicle parts in contact with it.

According to myth hunters, this happens to be a Devil's doing and is something abnormal, possibly associated with the rumored paranormal sightings around the region. Due to this unplanned feature, the swing is visited and analyzed by copious players wanting to uncover the reality but skeptics have put forward the verdict that the occurrence is merely a glitch.

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