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The Desert Ranger is a proven myth in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.


The myth involves a Police Rancher vehicle, which is used by law enforcement when operating in all rural areas. One particular officer is known for his bizarre actions. The Desert Ranger can most commonly be found by getting a high wanted level, dying, and quickly going to a rural area. There should be small remnants of the police force still around, including the Ranger which will begin to act odd.

He can also be spotted if the player uses a teleportation glitch or cheat, but it is most likely a spawn error as dirt paths are still classified as roads, and the player suddenly popping in will force the game to spawn pedestrians.

The Ranger is said to appear driving in strange locations, like in Aldea Malvada, Arco del Oeste, and El Castillo del Diablo, usually in the middle of a field or a desert. This is odd, as pedestrians are not coded to appear in these locations. The SUV can also be seen driving erratically and crashing or grinding against buildings and fences. It can also be found in Verdant Meadows, Mike Toreno's Ranch and in Bayside, San Fierro. Cars can drive into these locations, making these unlikely. The weirdest places it can be found is in Back O' Beyond. It is unknown why this police vehicle appears in these places.

This can easily be solved by looking at the code of the Rangers. They have an interesting line of code where they are allowed to go off-road. This is to ensure the player decides to go off-roading, the Rangers will follow close behind.

The reason they crash is a little inconsistent. Sometimes they will drive on the dirt roads just fine, and others, they will almost act possessed.

Police Officer

Players also report seeing the police officer behaving strangely similar. These vary from him killing pedestrians, shooting at the player, and even walking off and leading players to discovering a myth or Easter egg. None of these claims have been confirmed.


  • Area-dedicated officers can sometimes be seen in other areas, for example, a San Fierro officer can be seen in Los Santos.
  • Military soldiers can also be seen in any city, sometimes due to escaping a high wanted level.
  • Sometimes pedestrians' cars may drive on this road, like the Desert Ranger.
  • By pushing a Ped's car into the dirt road will make them drive on it, regardless of the vehicle or NPC.
  • Respawning after a chase (e.g dying with 5 stars) and spawning in a place where a different class of officers reside (e.g Desert Ranger in Los Stantos) will result in that certain NPC driving in that area for a while.

Video Investigation

GTA San Andreas Mysteries - Myth 28 - Desert Ranger

GTA San Andreas Mysteries - Myth 28 - Desert Ranger



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